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Conscious Past Life Recall with Meredith D Martin - Guided Spiritual Exploration Photo 3.j

You’re not new to the ideas of “spirituality” or “self-healing”. 

In fact, personal growth rooted in compassion, respect, and kindness is something that you’ve been trying to foster in yourself for some time now. You value inner change and developing self-love is an ever-going process that is important to you.

It’s through this self-work that you’ve come to cherish connection above all else. Connection to yourself. Connection to your friends. Family. Humanity. The earth. And of course the higher power (feel free to call it whatever ya' want). 


But because fostering connection is not an easy task, you are well aware of the hard parts: 


  • Like when you're tired from the daily grind and self care habits have dwindled.


  • When life has thrown you a curveball of fear, anxiety, and doubt & you're left depleted.


  • Or when you’ve been triggered by lovers, family, or friends and the connection you tried to establish simply isn’t being reciprocated.

Connection to self and others can be hard, but it doesn’t mean you have to figure out this journey alone. 


That's why I help women recall their own past life memories; it's so that we can strengthen our connection to our subconscious, our intuition, & our higher selves. It’s this trifecta that is going to pave the way to more meaningful connection to yourself and to your loved ones. It’s a chance to align more fully with your purpose & with the opportunities that can make your life truly magical. 


Don't get me wrong though, I haven't always been a past life psychic nor has connection always been easy for me.

Once upon a time, I was close to graduating with my Bachelors in Nursing only to discover that I was pregnant. Fast forward through a grueling pregnancy, my final semester, and then the God awful nurse licensing exam only to pause and realize that I had to choose what mattered most to me. I didn't know it at the time, but the beginnings of my intuition were really starting to open up because I suffered from major anxiety. The prospect of working nights and never seeing my baby left me close to panic attacks. I ultimately decided to stay at home because I had no idea if Nursing was the way forward for me or not.  

 That whole phase of my life basically sent my identity through a rock tumbler. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted or how to move forward. Cue in the spiritual process.


Over the next decade or so, I started questioning myself and digging into the "why" behind my thoughts & actions. I started shedding beliefs that were no longer working for me. Like the fact that being an over-thinking, type A martyr who anticipates problems that don’t even exist is not innately who I am. It's just a cover for the fear of not doing or being enough. I also ended up having two more kids. Going through the paces of matrescence twice more humbled away major vestiges of judgement of (m)others and started to unveil my ego in ways that has really allowed me to redefine what respect, compassion and kindness mean as a whole.


Because who I am is an ever evolving process. I am simply a reflection of the culling and growth I do everyday so that I may draw closer to the horizon of an ego-less Meredith. It’s a constant ebb and flow that’s dependent upon my perception and my experiences and a constant drive to keep giving love to myself. 


And this is connection; it's both greeting the bits of ourselves that suck and the bits that are kinda cool (like when my psychic gift randomly exploded open during a Reiki class years ago and that I’ve since been honing it ever since). 

But herein lies my point: if we want to be seen, understood, heard, and accepted for who we innately are . . . then we have to do these things for ourselves first. Because our lovers, friends, & family can only reciprocate the connection we crave when we have first given it to ourselves.

And this is my intent in all the sessions I do:

  • To support you on this journey because self-work does not mean you have to do it alone.

  • To guide you through your own memories while maintaining a grounded, non-judgmental, respectful and compassionate atmosphere.

  • To establish a safe space where there is literally no wrong answer or wrong experience to be had while processing your own past life memories.

  • To ask you intuitive questions so that you can make your own connections to who you were then versus who you are now.


These sessions are a transformative process that require introspection, compassion, love, patience, and open-mindedness for yourself. And whether this process calls to you or not, I want to remind you that we are not alone. There are massive amounts of help, love, and light streaming into this now to remind us that we are perfect, whole, and complete exactly as we are in this moment - no matter what call we feel energetically drawn too. Know that you are supported, loved and guided in this now to believe in yourself for who you are. You are so greatly loved (Angels wanted you to know that, I take no credit for this past paragraph). 


So if you feel drawn to strengthen your connection to your intuitive higher self through conscious past life recall, then click here to schedule a free 15 minute phone call consultation or click here to learn about my conscious past life retrieval sessions. 

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