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Book Club

We discuss literature themes to start consciously recalling our


This is a free, monthly book club.

This is a book club for women who . . .

  • Believe in reincarnation and actively want to learn how to use the tool of literature themes to begin the process of conscious past life recall. 

  • Are open minded and are actively curious about how soulful introspection & guided spiritual exploration helps to further align with their highest selves.

  • Value authenticity, non-judgement, non-shame, respect, compassion, self-love, vulnerability, grace and accountability.

This is a space to connect.

This could mean connecting with yourself in a nuanced and insightful way. It could mean connecting with other like minded women. It could also mean connecting with your subconscious in ways that help you strengthen your intuition and gain some clarity for yourself right now.  


This is also a chance to get to know me better. Feel free to suss out any spiritual questions ye' might have about past lives or spiritual topics in general. The weirder the better my friend.

Every meeting will have a different book and therefore, a different theme. There are no set rules of what we'll talk about and there is no pressure to speak or share. I intend to create and uphold an atmosphere that is kind, respectful, non-shameful, non-judgmental, and an overall easy place to be present in. If you know of any other ladies who would be stoked to attend, please share this page! 

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