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In Person Class

Dancing Moon

1840 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608

Sunday - February 25
2-4 pm

40$ Per Person
No reservation required
Venmo or Paypal accepted at the door or in advance. 

This in person workshop is for those who are curious to remember their own past life memories while remaining fully awake. Just like a guided meditation, Meredith Martin will guide the group through intuitive questions designed to help you recall your own memories from previous lifetimes.

Audience participation is never required, but psychic insights will be shared with any participants willing to group share.

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Online Class

Virtual Class

Wednesday - April 24
9:30 am - 10:30 am EST

44.44 Per Person

What this class is...

  • it's a guided meditation that I will walk the group through. Memories that could come forward range anywhere from current life memories, past life memories or metaphorical memories (this is where your subconscious, ancestors, spirit guides and/or Angels can speak to you through symbolism). Everyone will have a different experience and intuitively feel whatever they need most in the moment. I will be working one on one with anyone who is willing to share their experience with the group. One on one opportunities are dependent upon class size + time remaining in the class.

  • This class is a safe space that will be maintained through respect, active listening, non-judgment, non-shame, open mindedness & compassion.

  • An opportunity to learn to recall your own past life memories on your own without hypnosis, tarot cards or other divination tools.

  • A place to feel whatever feelings are coming forward. This helps you to hear, see, witness and love yourself into a new perspective.

What this class is not...

  • This class is not a place to put down, ridicule, or belittle anyone. All beliefs, dis-beliefs, backgrounds & experiences are encouraged, respected + honored. Even skepticism is highly encouraged - this is your intuition already at work & I completely support it.

  • I am a past life psychic with an ability to tell you your past life memories - but I will not be doing this here. My intent is to guide, support and teach you how to do this so you can empower yourself. I will be asking questions to encourage you to process, I won't be just giving out psychic information unless spirit guides me to do so.

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