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If it's connection you want, you're in the right place.

Because conscious past life recall is an incredible tool to help you strengthen your intuition, release subconscious fears, & further your connection to your higher self.

Hey, I'm Meredith. 
I'm a past life teacher. 

It wasn't always like this though. I used to be an RN, BSN - but that life path completely morphed when I discovered that I have a psychic ability to "see" memories. 

The memories that I intuit could be memories from this lifetime or memories from past lives. No tarot cards and no past life hypnosis here folks. I can just sense what has happened in your soul's journey without being told any information from you (with your consent of course).


However, my intent in this work is not to just tell you my psychic insights. My mission is to guide you through consciously recalling your own past life memories so that you can foster your own intuition & further connect to your higher self. 

Because recalling your own past life memories while remaining fully alert & conscious is an incredible tool. A tool that allows you to gain perspective on life's big questions, heal your fears + doubts and ultimately provide you with the insight needed to further embrace your highest, divine life. 

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Kat Harrison
Co-host of Vibing Consciously Podcast

I had a phenomenal experience with Meredith. There’s something about her that makes you feel so at ease, and it shows while working with her. I have done many past-life regressions that take hours to get through, and sometimes there’s only a handful of useful information about present-day aspects. In my session with Meredith, she got me into deep, clear visuals within minutes. Not only that, but I didn’t have a typical past life experience… I saw the future! I could feel the energy strong in my body like there was no disconnection between the present moment and the moment I was seeing in the future. It was truly incredible. Needless to say, this single experience has led me to want to work with Meredith more, and also send all of my friends to her! I’ve never worked with someone so gifted in this field. It was an experience I will not forget.

Conscious Past Life Recall with Meredith D Martin - Guided Spiritual Exploration Testimoni

Tiffany Cleveland

I have had several readings with Meredith. The aspect of her past life readings are different from other readers, in that I feel like I have jurisdiction over my story. She puts me in a space where I am aware of myself in that timeline. I am aware of the space I hold, and the experience I'm having, and even my thoughts at the time. Through meditation, she asks leading questions, so I get to choose which life we communicate about. I think that's important because undoubtedly, it's the life that needs to be talked through , due to circumstances within my present life.

Meredith gently guides the flow and the speed of the reading. She identifies important questions and people within the story. She always asks open-ended questions, so that I am telling my own story and coming to my own conclusions.  I love that she is just as interested to know the outcome as I am. 

For instance, in my last reading, I was a poor, lonely girl. At some point, I sat on the side wall of a canal looking over across the water to a high society area. She simply asked "how do you feel about that side of town? why don't you feel like you belong there?" I felt a wave of emotion. I felt like the Me in my present life was a witness to the Me in this former life and I was rooting for her. And in turn of course, I am rooting for myself.

I think this has been a really great tool, because I suffer with anxiety and can get in my own head a lot, not to mention in my own way. This helps me see myself in a different way, and understand my potential, and so many opportunities before me.  In my past life, I was a raggedy girl with nothing to my name, scared to walk over the bridge to where the shiny people were. It was challenging but I did it anyway, and I changed my whole life in a day.

When my best friend is having a bad day, I tell her that I wish that she could see herself like I see her.  And I think the way in which Meredith walked me through this past life, I can now see myself as my best friend sees me, which is a gift I didn't know that I needed.

Sarah O'Daniel
Co-host of Vibing Consciously Podcast

My experience with Meredith and the past life regression she performed on me was truly transformative. From the moment I met her I felt a sense of calm and trust in her expertise. Meredith guided me through a gentle meditation, allowing me to access deep layers of my subconscious mind. As she skillfully guided me through just a taste of a past life, I was amazed by the vividness of the memories that surfaced. Through her compassionate presence and insightful questions, Meredith helped me unravel the mysteries of my soul's journey. The experience left me with a profound sense of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings. I am immensely grateful for Meredith's guidance and the profound impact it has had on me.

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